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World's Finest Livestock Handling Equipment

WW Livestock Systems Authorized Dealer       Paul Scales

Welcome to the WW portion of our Web site. K BAR, as with many other livestock producers across North America,
has found the W-W product to be the most reliable, best built, longest lasting and most efficient livestock handling equipment.

Brian Kirkes/Kirkes Black Angus Ranch is proud to be a distributor/dealer for WW.

Brian puts forth tremendous effort to get the best deal on purchases for K BAR and will do the same for you on your WW purchase.

We can sell and ship directly form the factory. Prices listed are FOB Thomas OK.


WW Express Portable Corral $12,750 + freight. Lowest $ in Nation
WW Express Portable Corral + 3 $13,750 + freight, Lowest $ in Nation.
WW Express Portable Corral + 6 $15,250 + freight. Lowest $ in Nation.


Chutes & Accessories

All chutes feature dual dropbars on both sides with maintenance-free gravity latches. Steel floors and removable hinged kick panels are standard features on all chutes. All chutes feature both front and side exits, and optional towing packages are available on all chutes for full portability. Our hydraulic chutes offer various designs to satisfy any producer.

Bull Master Chute

Bull Master Hydraulic Chute $13,682 + freight.

Ranchmaster Hydraulic Chutes

WW Ranch Master Hydraulic Chute $10,600 + freight

  • Pressure gauge on all units reduces possibility of injury to animals.
  • Super quiet hydraulic system greatly reduces possibility of “noise panic”.
  • All control arms and center squeeze bars have sealed pillow-block bearings.
  • All chutes feature emergency side exit as standard equipment.
  • All bearings come equipped with grease zerks for easy maintenance.
  • Fold-down bars are saddle cut for extra strength and feature spring-loaded latches.

Beefmaster Chute

Beefmaster Chute

WW Beefmaster Chute $3595 + freight
WW Beefmaster XL2VG $4200 + freight
WW Beefmaster XL $4300 + freight

  • All controls on front corner of chute for one-man operation.
  • Retractable squeeze arm allows safe, unrestricted, movement around chute by operator.
  • Steel cables synchronize headgate movement with 180 degree swing.
  • Hinged dropbars on both sides of chute with foolproof gravity latches.
  • Steel floor with floor cleats for sure footing
  • WW Yoke Trailers fit all WW Squeeze Chutes
Beefmaster Standard
hydraulic chute
  • Length: 92″
  • Width: 41″
  • Height: 78″
  • Weight: 1265 lbs.

Standard Features That Make the W-W Hydraulic Chute "A Cut Above the Rest"

  • All control arms and center squeeze bars are equipped with sealed bearings.
  • Fold-down bars are saddle cut for extra strength and feature spring-loaded latches.
  • All bearings come equipped with grease zirks for easy maintenance.
  • All chutes feature emergency side exit as standard equipment.
  • Side-drop door latch is located in center of drop door and activates latches on both ends simultaneously.
  • Pressure gauge on all units reduces possibility of injury to animals.
  • Super quiet hydraulic system greatly reduces possibility of “Noise Panic” by animals being worked.

Specifications (inches)

Length Width Height Dropbars
Ranchmaster 101 83 96 25
Super Pro (Commercial) 101 83 96 25
Cattleman 101 83 96 28
Bull Master 117 89 104 31

Optional Equipment

Hydraulic Head Bender Palpation Cage
Hydraulic Neck Bar Palpation Door
Hydraulic Head Roller Full Drop Door
Hydraulic Leg Puller Split Drop Door
3/4" Hot Roll Floor Separate Unit
Head Gate Extensions-Weld On or Bolt On Gas Powered Unit
Gate Guards Single Drop Bars
Dual Controls Tip Chute Assembly
Dual Cylinders on Gates Head Rest
Yoke Trailer "New" Adjustable Gate Bottoms

Sweep tubs

WW Sweep Tubs are 6′ high with 6 horizontal perimeter rails. Sweep Gate features a spring-loaded latch which allows easy forward motion but prevents gate from coming back, avoiding possible injury to operator. Optional "V" Trap includes a 60″ Gate-In-Frame which allows easy sorting or loadout of animals.

Sweep Tub Specifications

  • Tubing: 2″ × 14 Gauge
  • Height: 6′
  • Rail Spacing: 9½″
  • Sheet Metal: 14 Gauge
  • Sweep Tub Radius: 10′

Fully sheeted sweep tub and V trap

The WW “New Generation” full sheeted Sweep Tub and "V" Trap features sheet metal approximately 5′ high, allowing safety and efficiency without expensive catwalks. Sweep Gate is half sheeted, allowing gate to swing easily with minimum effort. Spring-loaded gate latch allows easy forward movement but prevents gate from coming back, minimizing risk of injury to operator.

New Generation Sweep Tub Specifications

  • Framework: 2″ × 14 Ga. Tubing
  • Sheet Metal: 14 Gauge
  • Swing Gate Radius: 10′

New Generation “Eliminator” Gate

210 Sweep System

The Optional “Eliminator” Gate is available on all Sweep Tubs. The “Eliminator” Gate brings peak efficiency to your livestock operation by eliminating all corners, guaranteeing no-hassle movement of cattle and insuring maximum operator safety and minimizing stress to all livestock.

Classic panel
Classic Panel
Classic Panels available in 2′, 4′, 6′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′ and 16′ lengths.

Gate in frame

Gate In Frame
Available in 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″ and 84″.

High pole gate
High Pole Gate
Available in 8′, 10′ and 12′ lengths with either 7′ 8″ or 9′ 6″ heights.

Gate panel (G4)
Gate Panel (G4)
Available in 8′, 10′ and 12′ lengths.

Classic Panels and Gates have long been the standard for competition to live up to in the Livestock Equipment Industry. These are the Gates and Panels which prestigious organizations such as the CBR depend on year after year. Crafted by professionals from the finest material available the 2″ × 14 Gauge material with 50,000 P.S.I. yield strength has all joints saddle cut for extra strength. All panels and gates mount 6′ high on separate steel posts for versatility which enables the interchanging of panels and gates at any time without additional adapters or tools. All Gates feature spring-loaded plunger latches and hinge on 2″ standard pipe hinges. All units have a long lasting, attractive, powder coat finish. All panels are available in powder coat paint, Pre Galvanized And Hot dipped Galvanized. All Classic components are compatible with the Chaparral line.

For more information about these and other WW products, visit our Web site at www.wwmanufacturing.com.

Read more about Paul Scales: www.paulscales.com.