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Talihina, OK 74571
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Kirkes Black Angus Ranch
18th Annual Production Sale

Thursday • October 19, 2023 • 12:30 p.m. CT
at the ranch • Talihina, Oklahoma

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Welcome to the Kirkes Black Angus Ranch Web site

Kirkes Black Angus Ranch (K BAR) lies between the Kiamichi River and The Kiamichi Mountain Range in Southeast Oklahoma. The area is a rugged but very scenic region. The family settled in this valley well before statehood with a long history of being in the cattle business.

25 years ago, the decision was made to begin a registered angus herd that today has grown into one of the breeds leading genetic gems. Year after year some of the breeds top bulls and females are produced at K BAR. The epds on the bulls in our 17th Annual Production Sale were the top epd average in the nation for 2022. In 2022 K BAR Acclaim 8108 was the # 1 $ Beef female of the entire breed for most of the calendar year. K BAR is the breeder and owner of the # 1 growth female of the angus breed, K BAR Erianna 601. K BAR has also produced the # 1 marbling dam of the breed multiple times.

The cattle at K BAR are bred for balanced epd’s across the entire epd profile, you will see that most of these cattle cannot be equaled in the breed for their performance epd profile. K BAR has a harsh environment of extremes, these cattle are bred to do more with less, we do not manage our cattle for the show ring, they are developed and managed for longevity and profits. Our bulls in normal conditions have a longer breeding life than most bulls from other programs.

In the current market conditions a bull from K BAR will pay for himself with one calf crop just in the price per pound received for the calves over that of a generic sire. I have had customers report to me of K BAR Boomer sons at 9 months of age coming off registered angus dams as heavy as 1050 pounds. Our average bull based on customer reports will sire calves that outperform calves in the same pasture sired by generic breeds known for growth. There is no longer a reason to use bulls from any other breed and take big discounts per pound at the market with the genetic improvements we have made over the last 25 years!

As a lifelong beef producer, I would like to advise you on the congested and crowded EPD profile on Angus Cattle. Is very simple the performance EPD’s that matter to your bottom line are CED, BW, WW, YW, CW, Marbling, and Ribeye. Which in return are broken down to a very simple EPD group of cash value epd’s $W, $F, $G, and $B. Animals that are higher in these 4 $ values are the most profitable for your operation! Everything else is just clutter! Don’t let the clutter affect your breeding for profits because if you take it into consideration, it will! Quality pounds pay bills, It’s that simple.

Brian Kirkes

K BAR sells WW Livestock Handling Equipment nationwide with factory direct shipping to your location.

Currently a good selection of breeding age bulls available for private treaty sale.